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Latest Promotions

Seven Spiders "Wake Me Up"

Seven Spiders is back with the brand new single "Wake Me Up". Featuring huge chords and a mainstage vibe, this has all the makings to become a huge festival hit. Out now on EDM Verified!

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Room 111 "Loaded"

Born out a love for 80's synth music and modern production polish, Room 111 fuses hardware synthesizers with old school drum machine samples. The sonic landscape is lush and the arrangements are dynamic. Miami Vice meets Stranger Things. Highly Recommended!

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Trinisha Browne feat. Jovian "Bad Ting"

Trinidadian-born and Montreal-based singer, rapper, and songwriter, Trinisha Browne grew up in a household of Reggae, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and 90s R&B—all of which influenced and still flavor her recordings today, just like her experience growing up singing in the church choir. Her love for music, visual art, and poetry led Browne to explore various artistic opportunities in the city she adopted 20 years ago. That city, she says, has inspired her writing since her recording debut in 2016. Trinisha Browne released 5 EP's independently between 2016 and 2021. Highly Recommended!

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