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Latest Promotions

Midiflip "Whip It"

"Whip It" by Midiflip is the impressive new release taking the dance community by storm. Nostalgia meets innovation through sound waves, and results in a gem envisioned by the mastermind behind this project. Ricky Ric backs up this great release by providing a dazzling remix, while the Big Beats Remix is sure to get every corner of the room dancing. Download it from Distinctive Promo!

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Kosca "My Love"

Get ready to bump this one! Kosca releases "My Love" which has an extremely memorable, upbeat house sound. Quick smooth verses lead into a timeless, concise and catchy chorus. This is the type of song that will be guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Highly Recommended!

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Chloe Collins "Downpour"

Chloe Collins is a teenage singer/songwriter who started singing as a toddler, started playing guitar at 8 years old and soon after started writing songs. Chloe started performing at talent shows, open mics and coffee houses, and has since performed at such legendary venues as The Bluebird Cafe (Nashville) and The Bitter End (New York). At 15 Chloe recorded her 5-song EP entitled "5@15" in Nashville and released it to rave reviews. Chloe's last single "Forget Your Name" was featured in the 100th episode of the TV show "Nashville" on CMT. Chloe's newest single is "Downpour". Enjoy!

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